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This company was started by Mukesh Babubhai Pasiywala in 2003. Mukesh Pasiyawala was belonging to a middle-class family of Surat, but with the intent to start his business he shifted to Mumbai. He first started advertising his zari products by roaming in Mumbai city. The first two years were very challenging for him, but after 2005 there is a sudden gross in his business because of the quality, shine, and contrast of color in his zari products. His zari products were now famous all over Mumbai city. MS traders made a monopoly in Zari products. He then started expanding his business with Surat city. Here also zari products of MS Traders attracting dealers towards him. Then the company continued expanding. Now at present, zari products of MS traders are available not only all over India, but it is also available internationally.

MS Traders have almost all variety of products. These include Imitation cotton zari threads, Cotton Zari Threads, Salma Zari Threads, Kangri Zari Threads, Metallic Zari Threads, LG Zari Threads, Silver Zari Threads, Viscose Zari Threads, Gold Zari Threads, and many more varieties of Zari products. At present, MS Traders have hundreds of clients impressed by the iconic representation in our zari products. We ensure our clients fulfill their maximum requirements. MS Traders get trademark verification for all the products and, on the other hand, our employees also check for any defects in our products. We have hundreds of happy clients who also refer our products to others . We also ensure our products should reach you within the decided date with you. If you want a custom color contrast or shine in any type, then we can provide you a live consultation on your mobile. So you can get a product concerning your requirements.







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